Bahia Bay appreciation post

I don’t think you understand how badly I wanted to live in Bahia Bay

Yeah! How awesome would it be to live in a place where they invented a computer that prints pizza?

I have a question. You can ignore me of you want or call me out on anything I say that's problemematic. I'm a white girl and I have a preference for natural hair in black girls? Like I don't currently have a girlfriend but alt of crushes I've had have been natural-haired black girls. Like I've liked girls of other races but I've never liked a girl with relaxed hair. Does this make me racist? Is this racist to have this preference for kinky hair vs relaxed? Call me out if it is, Just want to know




how to correct people who talk shit about benedict cumberbatch:


Micro-braided Rapunzel for sketch dailies. I know it’s late, oh well!


Micro-braided Rapunzel for sketch dailies. I know it’s late, oh well!


oh you’re straight? so you’re kind of, like, half-bi?

walking a little is not the same as walking


what I mean by this is that being able to walk a little, being able to walk with consequences, that’s not the same as being able to walk (the end)

When people are denied wheelchairs because they can walk, an important thing is missed.

They can’t walk

yes, they can physically walk.  That’s not what I mean.

What I mean is,

Can they walk to the store and back?  Can they do so safely?  Can they do so and still have energy left for the day?  For the week?

Can they walk at home?  yes?  Ok, but does doing so leave them with enough energy to leave?  To go to school, work, out with friends, on errands?  Is it safe?

Can they walk long enough to go places, enjoy things, to do what they could do if they had mobility aids?  

Yes, being able to walk, even a little, is different than not being able to walk at all.  

But it’s not the same as being able to walk, without consequences, without fear of safety, for “long distances”

So when you deny someone mobility aids because they can still walk, because you want them to still walk, you’re missing something.

If they’re asking for mobility aids, their mobility is already limited.  They’re already not walking as often because they can’t.  Mobility aids won’t change that.  But they can actually improve mobility, and allow for more opportunities to go out and be active.  


i cant believe people consciously choose to follow me and decide to themselves “Yeah I want to see more of whatever this nerd’s doing”

positive lady characters meme redux
ladies of color | jenny mills

positive lady characters meme redux

ladies of color | jenny mills



….tea rexes. Hahaha? Get it? Tea. Ha. I’m going to sleep.

Ohmygosh, good morning, world. <3



….tea rexes. Hahaha? Get it? Tea. Ha. I’m going to sleep.

Ohmygosh, good morning, world. <3

This blog supports Black women being selfish as fuck with their time and energy.


This Tumblr fully supports, “I don’t feel like it” as a perfectly viable reason for a Black woman not to go out of her way to do a damn thing for somebody who ain’t doing shit for her.

5.16 || 8.10

"I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan."

Avril Lavigne, since people aren’t quoting the full tweet.

Can you at least give her credit that she didn’t come up with the video? I don’t care if you don’t like the song, that’s your own opinion, but the video was made in Japan so she used Japanese dancers. She was directed by a Japanese director and choreographer. This isn’t her choosing what she does, this is a director telling her what to do.

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You also didn’t include her full tweet. You know the part before
"I love Japanese culture…" where before she flat out laughs about being called out by saying "Racist??? LOLOLOL!!!

Alex we’ve always gotten along pretty well but the way you are defending this video is really not okay. Especially since this is coming after someone already called you out for it. No one needs to give Avril any credit. She did something that perpetuated racism and this tweet is a total non-apology. Whether or not you think she had zero choice in it, she still played a part in it, it was still her song, she still fucked up.

And since made a post earlier that implied it was mostly white people who are offended by it, here are some links to a blog run by Japanese women with their commentary on it. The fact that you found a post by an (non-Japanese) Asian person saying they weren’t as offended by it as they were by something else doesn’t magically absolve the video of its problems.

And tagging it “ I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SEEING AN ASIAN PERSON’S REACTION SINCE MOST REACTIOSN HAVE BEEN FROM WHITE PEOPLE" is literally reminding me of those anti-social justice comics that pretend PoC are completely okay with appropriation and its just ~white social justice warriors making a big deal for no reason. Comics that are blatantly untrue because PoC call this shit out all the time (though there are definitely times white people talk over PoC, PoC are still making these points).

Some posts from fucknofetishization as well.

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you can email time magazine at feedback@time.com and please explain why you think they should reconsider laverne cox as a participant.

i’m raging as much as anyone else, but formality will probably get the message across clearer than yelling will, so you should explain the situation and urge your friends to do the same. it’s ridiculous and transphobic as hell and I’m so fucking upset because we all know she was voted well above most of the others so GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE


Signal boost the shit out of this, terf huffpo contributor caught harassing trans women